Refreshed Mission Statement for Coalition for Economic Justice

Refreshed Mission Statement for Coalition for Economic Justice

15 June 2020: The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) announced today that had refreshed its mission statement to reflect its new direction. This was agreed by members of the CEJ steering Group ad a virtual meeting on Friday 12 May 2020.

The Mission Statement reads: “To campaign for the more equitable sharing of the value of natural resources and the wealth created by us all, as one of the most effective ways of removing the injustice caused by the private appropriation of community-created wealth.”

Coalition for Economic Justice was founded in 2008 by a group of organisations focussed primarily on proposals for Land Value Tax (LVT) as an alternative taxation system that would minimise economic inequality. On 15 May the CEJ agreed to broaden its focus and invite proactive campaigning organisations that may have different purposes but share a common agenda of building a fairer society, to work together for economic justice. The aim would be to build critical mass, amplify the message and extend influence in order to shift the political will for practical action in response to the urgency of these critical times.

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