New briefing initiative on sustainable policy options

New briefing initiative on sustainable policy options

The CEJ to produce briefings on practical policies with cross party appeal

20 July 2020. The Coalition for Economic Justice is launching a series of briefing documents that offer a practical approach to a fair and sustainable economy. The first in this series is about how Business Rates could be abolished and replaced by a fairer tax based on Land Values.



This initiative is the initial stage in a plan to propose a range of policy options which move the UK significantly towards reducing economic inequality. One of the great barriers to implementing positive game changing policies is that they are not fully understood, not just by the electorate but by politicians, so prejudices and misconceptions creep in. This resource will include material from organisations from within the Coalition.

Tom Burgess, Chair of the Coalition for Economic Justice said:

“This series of briefing documents we are launching and will continue to add to, offer real hope for change.  I am excited by the number and variety of organisations that are working in harmony within the Coalition and as we reach out to politicians and their advisers, we have well researched and well-argued policies to put to them.

Our aim is to help politicians and influencers put the case for radical change.  So that they will commit rather than just talk about it.  Our approach is inclusive and distinctly non-partisan as we need to solve these injustices together as it is better for us all”

Copies of the briefing document can be accessed on the resources page of the CEJ

About the CEJ

The Coalition for Economic Justice is a partnership of like-minded groups campaigning for a fairer society that seek more equitable access to the prosperity created by us all. The CEJ seeks to build strength and unity by finding common ground and create awareness that real change is possible through a collaborative, inclusive and non-partisan approach. The aim is to achieve critical mass and mobilise support so the political will shifts to focus on well-being for us all. For more info:

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