About CEJ

The Coalition for Economic Justice is a partnership of like-minded campaigning groups and think-tanks committed to creating a fairer society through more equitable access to the prosperity created by us all. The CEJ seeks to build strength by finding common ground amongst our supporters and creating awareness. We believe real change is possible through a collaborative, inclusive and non-partisan approach. Our ultimate goal is to achieve critical mass and mobilise support to shift the political will toward well-being for us all.

Coalition for Economic Justice was founded in 2008 by a group of organisations focused primarily on proposals for Land Value Tax (LVT) as an alternative taxation system that would minimise economic inequality. In May 2020, following the election Tom Burgess, Executive Director of Taxpayers Against Poverty as chair, the CEJ agreed to broaden its focus and invite proactive campaigning organisations that may have different purposes,though share a common agenda of building a fairer society, to work together for economic justice. 

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