1% of families own 21% of the wealth (Source: HMRC)

90% of adults earn less than £35,000 per year (Source: IFS)

5 million earn less than a real living wage (Source: KPMG)

14 million of UK are in poverty (Source: JRF)

By any measure that is not fair or just


In our society, we believe in showing compassion towards others, and helping and protecting each other from harm. Yet, right now, millions are struggling with unnecessary financial hardship. We share a moral responsibility to ensure that everyone in our country has a decent standard of living. That’s why we are building the Coalition for Economic Justice to propose urgent practical action, grow awareness and mobilise support.

But one thing stands in our way: Political will, that where you can help bring change

Support the Coalition now!

Numbers really matter. Campaigns and protests that engage a threshold of 3.5% of a population have always succeeding in bringing about change (Source: Why Civil Resistance works). 3.5% of the UK voting population is 1.7 million in the UK.

So our goal is to build a support base of two million. Here’s how:

The Coalition for Economic Justice is inviting like-minded campaigning groups and think tanks to support our approach and a unified campaign, so that when all the online followers of these groups are added up, it comes to over 500,000. This will give a solid base to build an effective campaign, the content of which is currently being developed. Over time, our cooperation will have a multiplying effect and allow us to build a base of over two million supporters which will radically increase our ability of bringing change and urgent action on economic justice. Supporting organisations will see their messages reach a wider audience and benefit from the support of each other The strength will be in our numbers.

After all, lower inequality leads to better social outcomes, and that's good for us all

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